Real Estate

Our Smart Teams from Smart Cloud Solution can help you to outsource your business processes to our teams.  

Smart Team quickly prepares Property Evaluation Report for your requested property. Report shows fixed-up nearby recent 7 sales comps and 7 rent comps from Propstream, Zillow, HomeSnap and RentoMeter. Report also has proposed ARV, comparison graphs, and photos links. Just fill-up the form and we will send you report.

Smart Team can manage and maintain your CRM (Podio, REI Blackbook or others) systems.

Smart Team can perform applicant tenant screening using online court records and social media searches. Our team can make phone calls to previous housing provider and employers.

Smart Team can market your services to motivated seller to generate leads using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google. Marketing includes content creation, lead generation, and marketing campaigns. Create postings on Craigslist/Zumper/Zillow and Facebook. Broadcast messages using SlyText/SlyBroadcast.

Smart Team perform web searches to find out the property owner contact information. It may be phone number, email, social media links (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Smart Team can extract your required data from county or other websites and provide it to you. It may be foreclosed, sales by owner, sheriff sales properties.

Smart Team can make phone calls to wholesalers for property deals, prospect property sellers, and utility companies for the transfer of service.